Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part 1: QUEENSTOWN in the South Island!

Thursday morning i got on my flight to Queenstown which is in the south island of New Zealand! I knew it would be cold but he said it was 2 degrees celcious and at night it's in the negatives! I looked out the plane window and saw snow and mountains for the first time! i've never seen anything like it and it was sooooo breathtaking i was in awe i couldn't wait to see more!

The airport was surrounded with beautiful mountains!

This is on the way to the hostel right outside the taxi window! i can't believe it!

The room view from our hostel!

After we settled in, it was only a few of us

everyone else was skydiving and got there earlier,

we took the gondala up the mountain to get a better look at the small town!

I thought it'd be a big city but it has millions of tourists and little residents!

Me at the top!

My feet near the snow for the first time in years!!!

Up another lift to do the LUGE! which is like a sled with bike

handles and wheels and you follow the track as fast as you want

to enjoy the scenery! it was sooo much fun! except when my

helmet fell back and i tried stopping with one hand and swirved into

the snowy wall to my right haha oops

a little peice of home <3

wish the warmth came with it!

Once we met up with everyone else we got mexican for dinner!!!!! and then got ready

for the "Big Night Out" Pub Crawl of Queenstown!

Snoop and Hannahconda! i'm doing my Maori eyes! haha

the crew waiting to hop to the next place!

The last place had an awesome band and we did a raffle...guess who won the grand prize!!!

MEEEE right as i was about to leave and hand away my ticket they yelled 45 E!!!! Mine!

I won a FREEEE AJ Hackett Bungy experience!!!!! I think it's a sign, i've won 3 things here

since i got here in NZ! I didn't get to use the last one so i have to do this one! Me winning

was the only eventful thing that happened that night, we were all way too tired. Being really busy all the time really wares me out, i even started loosing my voice :( luckily the hostel had heated beds! but we still could see our breathe inside!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Part 2: AJ Hackett Bungy in Queenstown!

Friday, 26th of June

I won the raffled GRAND PRIZE to get a FREE AJ Hackett Bungy experience!!!! It's the third thing i have won since i have been here and i took it as a sign, i booked the Nevis Arc and Sara agreed to do it with me so i wasn't by myself! The bus ride was full of nerves but as i got closer to the drop i got more excited and my adrenaline was pumping! I couldn't wait!

The suspended shakey bridge to the launch pad above the valley, 160 METERS HIGH!!!!!

What was going on in my head showing through hahaha

Getting harnassed and ready!

The group!

Kathryn came for moral support which we needed! haha

no looking back now!

Sooooo beautiful!

Before the fall!

The highest bungy swing!!!! the rope was 120 Meters!!!




"I LOVE NEW ZEALAND!!!!!" -Me and Sara!

"I would do this again!!!" - Me
I was soooo HAPPY and proud i did it! It was AMAZING!

YAY us and our proof!

That night was the start of the huge Winterfestival so we got to

see a firework show before a concert and huge crowds of people that all

fly in from everywhere in NZ and even Australia for this huge month

celebration! each weekend is something different! It was fun!

FERGBURGER has the BEST chips!!!!

Kathryn, Sara and I relaxing after a very EXTREME day! haha :)

Part 3: Milford Sound Day Tour!

Saturday, 27th of June

Today the entire group reunited to do the Milford Sound Tour from 7 to 7! It started with a 3 hour bus ride to Milford Sound from Queenstown with the crazy funniest bus driver named Mangee being the tour guide and telling jokes! Sara, Kathryn, Laura and I sat in the front rows so we can see out all the windows all day! The scenery was gorgeousssssss and unbelievably stunning!

Laura and I

Our first photo stop was in the Eglinton Valley!

The frost made it so pretty and the mountains were sooo tall!

I had fun running through the field then the bus driver pretended to

leave us and drive away! haha

The next photo stop was to the mirror lakes which was so

amazing! Sometimes the picture looked upside down

if the water was very still!

As we drove along after Mirror lakes we saw some streams with the bluest water!

And a waterfall!

Mangee opened the door so we could break off an icicle and pass it around!

It's sooo cold here!


Me drinking fresh mountain water from the stream!

SNOWWWWW, i haven't seen snow since i lived in New York!

It was soo fun and we had a snow ball fight!!!!

water frozen on the mountains!

Our next stop was a 15 minute GORGEOUS walk called the CHASM...

I could see breathtaking mountains and the greenest plantlife all together and it was

soooo peaceful...

Me having fun on the trail!

I love trees! haha

I'm getting better at the jumping pictures

this time im actually off the ground!

Then we finally arrived to the boat part of the tour!!!! woo hoo!

We got a deliscious FREE buffett! yumm

Enjoying the views and the fresh air

Sterling Falls! taller than Niagra Falls at about 160 Meters I believe!

Where i fell from for the Nevis Arc swing!!!!!

Wild fur seals!!!!!!! i love them they are sooo cute!

They said we had a 50/50 chance of seeing dolphins and when we docked the boat

to go into the underwater observatory a pod showed up and i almost

took the door off with one swing to get back outside and watch!!!! haha

My chances are always 100%! =)

Eventually we had to go back inside and down 60 stairs to the

underwater observatory which was really neat because i didn't have to

dive in freezing water to see fish and seastars and coral! <3>

It's very shallow here but since the environment is a fiord the deep sea

species get tricked into living in this environment because the

conditions still work for them!

We had a fun ride home and he played the wheels on the bus i caught some

but then my camera finally gave up on me, at least it didn't happen earlier!

I saw some of the most beautiful sights this day and i will never forget them, it was so amazing to see natures wonders and Milford sound is nominated by NZ to be one of the top 7 wonders of the world which will be voted on and known in 2010! I hope it gets it because it really should! If you ever are in New Zealand this is something i think you would all love!